From The Victorian Labor Party  to the Linking Melbourne Authority - MOSS Group has worked with numerous organisations and government departments to develop campaigns that support the achievement of marketing, communication, advertising and/or public relations goals.

MOSS campaigns are always designed to be consistent with our clients communication policies and guidelines and overarching organisational communication strategies.

MOSS goes through a process, that although is always individually tailored to each client's unique needs, often looks something like the following step by step process.

In order to gain the information that we require, we either work with the client’s existing market research and knowledge, or we help to go about the process of obtaining the research that is required in order to make sound decisions based on stakeholder insights.

MOSS will gain an overview of current and historical market situation. If appropriate we will  seek to understand key competitors & market share.

We seek to understand key consumers (current and desired). We seek to understand key Issues facing our clients industry. 

We seek to understand our clients marketing and business objectives. Where they are currently? Where they want to be? Other competitive considerations.

We look at our clients brand equity; awareness of brand, consumer associations,

We review past marketing work. What worked? What didn’t?

We have vast experience in planning campaigns to tie in with our clients business and marketing objectives which can be evidenced in our campaign planning role in the 2014 Victorian election where we helped Labor defeat a one term Government the first time since 1955.