To provide effective communication solutions we develop a strategic plan in consultation with the client and target audience insight through market research.

MOSS Group recently worked closely with the Victorian Labor Party to develop the communication and integrated marketing strategies to win the 2014 Victorian State Election. 

The marketing objective and client brief from the Victorian ALP was to win the 2014 election and oust the Liberal party after only one term, a steep goal by any measure as a government had not been ousted in Victoria after one term since John Cain Senior in 1952.

The strategic marketing approach was driven by a close working relationship with the ALP Election Campaign team and developed with a comprehensive review of all available polling data and attendance by the MOSS Group creative and strategic team at every focus group. 

It was important to understand the issues facing the target audience and what strategically would get them to understand that Labor had the policies to satisfy their requirements.

The resulting integrated marketing strategy based off target audience insight was targeted  to the specific communication needs of individual groups and media channels. 

MOSS Group believe that research is important to understand where the market is currently at but it is also important to measure if the creative solutions we propose actually have the desired effect before we actually commence production on a TV commercial or an outdoor poster.

MOSS Group campaigns are always strategically market research driven and we pride ourselves on judging their merit by whether it helps to achieve our client’s marketing objectives.